Agence 1998 was created from a political adviser’s encounter with a successful film caught in a media tailspin.

A film which, despite a successful release, led to parasitic political debates and opportunistic exploitation. Upset producers, perturbed talent, frustrated distributors.

A few hours of work made it possible to reassure the teams, gear them and help them to effectively confront the difficult situation.

Thus many questions were brought up.

How can one let a film, with all the resources and efforts put into it, risk its success because of a poorly anticipated talk-show, an unexpected tweet or an unprepared spokesperson?

How can the film’s teams position themselves in a societal context which they do not always master?

Even beyond cinema itself, why not offer professional support to those facing pressure from the media and political world, and who often lack the appropriate tools to respond?

Agence 1998 was created to address these budding needs.